A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a solar system was at the brink of destruction. Many of the nearby inhabitants had already evacuated and moved to other galaxies, except for one. The humans. The humans were inhabitants of a planet called Earth. Their scientists saw the change in the sun and noted the planet’s time was drawing to a close. They sent out reconnaissance satellites and ships to identify one of the numerous planets that replicated the environmental conditions of their home planet Earth as their planetary replacement. Eventually, the humans identified replacement planets suitable for habitation and began building and launching colony ships to migrate to the new planets. The ships never made it to their destinations. It is as if the human race vanished. The humans erased.

Kibble the Adventurer being a fan of old timey human movies like Indiana Jones, Lost in Space, and Doctor Who, he became captivated with the story of the disappearance of the human race. Kibble decided to make it his mission to find out what happened to them. Kibble travels through time and space tracking down each lead and scrap of human history to find the answer.