Preparing my GeoCache Boxes

That’s right. You don’t think I roam around the Earth with nothing to do, do you?

I am searching for the items my ancestors and fellow watchers hid all over this planet trying to save the human race. Now I am here searching, finding, replacing, hiding other items that will help you advance to interstellar travel. You are one of the only species I know that haven’t made it off their rock. And you need to.

The history books show that you don’t have much time before the Earth is consumed by your sun. I am trying to help, because when I come from — you guys don’t make it.

I think I will hide these boxes in areas in the Mid-Atlantic states to the Northeastern United States. Be on the look out. You never know what you will run find and how you will need to use it.

Preparing Geocache boxes
Kibble spray painting geocache boxes
Geocache boxes
2 Geocache boxes

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