Von had not known Earth like the others. People of his generation didn’t know the Earth as a place of beauty and wonder. They knew it as a dying rock that they needed to leave in order to survive. From the moment they were born, they were raised to live in space and told they would inhabit the future Earth. He came from the Earth 2 pod. They were not even naturally born humans as others were in the past. They were manufactured for the continuing existence of the human race. Their DNA was regressed back to the original state of the “human”. Each of them were slightly modified clones.

Natural birth was a practice of the giants, the dwarves, the leopard people, the vampires, and others. There was no telling what the metal men did. It took the scientists years to clean up the human DNA in order to find and create a “pure” human. Pure humans had gone extinct centuries ago. Science, technology, evolution, and the continued experimentation of the human allowed the species to become a work of customization over the centuries.

It was always interesting listening to the stories of the others. Especially the clones that had come before him. They really didn’t know the world either, even though they pretended they did. They were also manufactured. The first were created as a trial to find out if they could and to see how long they would live. The first few batches proved to be frail and didn’t have a long life expectancy, but soon the others were able to strengthen the formula and reduce the negative effects on the clone body from the different labor positions. Soon the clones were living the normal two hundred years and could work in any of the labor categories that they were trained to do.

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