The Refresh

Eventually, the Small Council of Earth, determined that in order to share knowledge and provide continuous advancement of human skills they created a mentor/mentee relationship between the generations of clones. Once skills had been transferred, the early clones were put into hibernation. The clones were awoken every 20 years for a year in order to work with the new generations, share memories, skills, and learn any new technological advances that had occurred while they were asleep. This was known as the Refresh. The Small Council realized that allowing everyone to live out full lives at the same time would not provide a sufficient amount of humans to man the Earth 2 colony ships and then go on to colonize Earth 2. Not without, developing more generations of humans during the flight. In order to alleviate this, they created the method of Stocking. Seventy-five percent of the humans would be put into hibernation. Every 20 years twenty-five percent will be woken up work alongside the current awake generation for a year and then take over as the primary team to man the ship. The prior generation will then be put back in hibernation for another 20 years.

Von had been awoken along with everyone else. The Small Council thought it was wise to wake everyone prior to departure in order to say good bye to their planet. This will help many of them realize, the next time they wake up, they would be in space. This was to aid with the period of adjustment. The Small Council had found through the years of hibernation that once awoken, the humans took about two months to refresh their memories and get their skills up to operational consistency. Something with the long term hibernation process greatly affected humans memories and slowed their recall. This same problem didn’t arise with the Others. That is what purists began calling the rest of the human race after the reemergence of the pure human species. The Others were anyone that had modified human bodies, be it mechanical or biological implants, or adjusted DNA allowing for non-natural human development. All of this is what the original human species had evolved into.

Now, outside, standing in the field of an old sports arena looking at the sky, Von felt a great sense of loneliness, and not the hope nor excitement he thought he would feel taking on this adventure. It is time to leave Earth.

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