The Subway

I looked at him and couldn’t believe my eyes. He looked hollow. I didn’t even know him, but his appearance drew the words out of me. Just pure concern for another human. “Are you OK? When was the last time you slept?” He was completely disheveled. Shirt half tucked in, unbuttoned two buttons below the […]

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I found Bigfoot in Canada!!

I just happened to be in Canada this week observing the human species in action when I stumbled across this big guy near the Floral Clock. This is amazing! Not only have I been able to observe the humans, but also the “so- called” mythical creatures such as the legendary Bigfoot or as it is also […]

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Natural birth was a practice of the giants, the dwarves, the leopard people, the vampires, and others. There was no telling what the metal men did.  It took the scientists years

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The Refresh

Von had been awoken along with everyone else. The small council thought it was wise to wake everyone prior to departure in order to say good bye to their planet.

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